Beyond Bubble Baths + Mud Masks: How #SelfCareSunday Promotes Vibrational Alignment

Beyond Bubble Baths + Mud Masks: How #SelfCareSunday Promotes Vibrational Alignment

Phi's bedtime on Sunday nights means one thing for me: #SelfCareSunday is on. For me, it's part mud masks and bubble baths, because those things absolutely have their place. I'll sign up for small pores and soft skin. But, as deep as my affinity for trying new K-Beauty products runs, if self-care ended there my enthusiasm wouldn't run nearly as deep. I'll bet the majority of millennials driving the self-care trend feel similarly. Here's the real draw: we know that we're most capable of making our unique contribution to the world when we've taken care of ourselves first.

Why is Sunday the best night for self care, anyway? 

On Sunday night, we might feel freer to leave responding to email until the morning. We know we have a full week ahead to make plenty happen in our work lives. Sunday nights are less filled with social engagements than other nights of the week, so there's less pressure to choose between self-care and a social life. Finally, after a weekend that might have been filled with family bonding time and letting kids stay up a little later than usual, kids are (hopefully!) back to a normal weeknight bedtime by Sunday night. 

When it's done right, self-care Sunday functions as a springboard to greater productivity. That might mean taking an hour to organize your workspace or put away laundry. It's certainly not the stuff trending posts on Instagram are made of, but that hour spent tidying up could make the week ahead easier, ergo more joyful. On the flip side, it might mean binge watching The Crown or finally getting through a few chapters of a novel at once, cup of tea in hand.  

That dichotomy is what makes self-care Sunday great: the only rule is that you do whatever you feel will help you begin the week from a place of vibrational alignment.

Vibrational alignment? What is that and why does it matter?

We're all fundamentally capable of creating anything we want to. Life is really that good. We all have examples of things we dreamed of and went on to attract into our lives, sooner or later. For me, part of the magic of becoming a parent was watching my dream of having Phi come true.

Think back to one of the times you've created. It can be something as big as a career or a life or as small as cooking a new recipe for dinner last night. Think of how you felt as you created what you wanted. Name the feelings, like loving, creative, compassionate, etc, if you can. 

Stories that begin with a dream and end with that dream coming true have one thing in common: good feelings. We're best able to create the lives we really want when we're feeling connected, inspired, appreciative,, joyful, and all of the other feelings that bring us back to the sense that love is stronger than fear. From that place, we can create the things (and sometimes, people!) that give us even more to appreciate. 

To put it simply, we're our most powerful, creative selves when we're happy.

All of us will create over and over again in our lives. The process begins with a thought and ends with another goal achieved. Good feelings don't just make that process more enjoyable; they help facilitate its flow. 

Mom guilt, begone

Putting a mud mask and music on while relaxing in a bathtub might not seem like the fastest way to fulfilling life's purpose, but if it brings us to a place of vibrational alignment, it might actually be more productive than slogging through work you're not ready to do yet. 

As an endlessly busy working mom, it's incredibly easy to work myself into a frazzled corner where I'm just trying to push through the day or week ahead. It happens sometimes (hello, holidays). It's not how I want to live, which is why I prioritize feeling good. When I feel good, I'm able to think past tomorrow. I dream about directions I want my career to take, places I want to travel, spiritual growth I hope to experience in a way that it all feels possible. 

To me, taking a few hours to do something that makes me happy never feels like time wasted. 

The Selflessness of Self-Care

In the immediate term, the idea of "recharging" taking time to relax tonight might make tomorrow a little bit easier. Maybe the ethos of self-care will carry into tomorrow morning and all of the #SelfCareSunday evangelists will make giant green smoothies before heading off to start our days. 

 That sounds fantastic to me, but the benefits go deeper than that. The big dreams we dream aren't just for ourselves. Through them, we'll set examples for our children and other people's children. We might see through goals that make the world we live in a safer, healthier place to live. Following our best feelings will lead directly toward goals that work toward the greater good. 

If you're interested in diving deeper into these ideas, I recommend the volume The Essential Law of Attraction Collection which describes vibrational alignment (and many other concepts) in a way that really helped me. Add it to the #SelfCareSunday canon! 

So now that Phi's asleep for the night, I'm going for the #SelfCareSunday hat trick: I'm doing a mud mask while I fold laundry and watch old episodes of Gossip Girl. Once all of that's done, I'll write in bed for a little white. Of course, there will be tea on tea on tea on tea; I've been really into fresh ginger and lemon with chamomile and lavender lately. 

Tag @millennial.momm on insta to share what your #SelfCareSunday looks like! 

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