How to Shift Your Vibe When Mom Life Gets Overwhelming

How to Shift Your Vibe When Mom Life Gets Overwhelming

Lately I’ve been feeling a little vibrationally challenged. I go through a few days at a time where I feel like my vibe is just “off.” As much as I commit to doing the various things that keep me aligned, like working out, taking baths, and ingesting lots of plants, some days are busy or stressful or weird or all of the above.

On one hand, I’m intellectually and (usually) spiritually aware of the truths that underpin vibrational alignment. Lessons from my teachers, books I’ve read, and experiences I’ve had all contribute to an understanding of the fact that there’s really nothing to be worried about. Really, nothing. Whatever I’m experiencing is showing me exactly what I need to see.

And yet, when I find myself face to face with challenges it can be difficult to draw from that understanding. In the face of a developmentally appropriate but unpleasant toddler tantrum, the challenges of being on a small team at an early stage startup, or just the general feeling of looking at the days ahead and realizing there’s so much to do and not enough time to do it, there’s only one way through.

A prelude to my advice: if your vibe is off, try not to judge yourself for it. 10 out of 10 humans deal with difficult feelings. Our biggest challenges are almost always our biggest catalysts for growth, but as we’re experiencing them they just feel...challenging. If it feels hard or scary, that’s okay. You’re allowed to feel your feelings. If they’re bad, they won’t stay that way.

Now, here’s how to shift your vibe any time it needs shifting: choose a better-feeling thought.

Better feeling thoughts look like this:

Even if it’s later than I’d like, eventually she will go to bed and I can read for a bit.

Turns out I could leave that task until tomorrow and it will still get done on an appropriate timeline.

This kid is keeping me up later than I’d like, but DEAR GOD she’s adorable.

It’s important that the thought is just ever so slightly better-feeling. Think of it like going up a flight of stairs, with each step a new thought you can align with easily. As each thought works, try taking it a step further. Think thoughts that feel one degree better, one at a time.

Jumping right to a thought that feels too much better doesn’t do much for us because it doesn’t feel realistic. In order to feel better, we need to truly believe it’s possible to feel better. That’s why in moments of overwhelm, we need to work our way out slowly rather than jumping right to the top of the staircase.

Do I believe in quantum leaps? Yes. But they happen when we’re feeling good. Take the stairs to get there.

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