At age 25, I became a mom. Not long after, I became a single mom.

Quickly, I found the being a single mom wasn’t all I feared it would be. My career took off in ways I could never have predicted. Somehow I found more, rather than less, time for passion projects. Best of all, my daughter Phi and I have been incredibly happy and lucky.

I started this blog to share a simple message: the best thing we can do for our children is get into vibrational alignment. What does that mean?

In my life, it begins with putting joy first and trusting that everything will fall into place from there. It means trusting my feelings completely. It’s understanding that I’m the best mom I can be when I feel fulfillment in my everyday life. Most of all, it’s a sense of appreciation— the more constant and comprehensive, the better.

Even if you’re a young mom, a mom to young kids, a single mom, or all three (like me!), vibrational alignment isn’t just possible: it’s the key to fully enjoying life.